Iced Coffee & Perfect Timing

This morning started off great. Special shout out to my Iced Coconut Coffee for helping out with that! I love these things hot or iced; they never cease to get me going in the morning.

Liquid Gold

Here’s my concoction because I know you’re all wondering:
And to give credit where credit is due, I took this recipe and just manipulated it a bit to suit my tastes. 

Iced Coconut Coffee (serves 1)

8oz cold coffee (Mine is usually a generous 8oz)
1/4 cup full-fat coconut milk
4 ice cubes (I usually make coffee ice cubes and use those)

1. Place coffee, coconut milk, and ice in blender
2. Blend together until smooth
3. Pour into glass and top with cinnamon!

*Today I was a bit adventurous and added a banana. It was delicious. I highly recommend it for added sweetness, nutrition, and a way to get rid of that banana on your counter that’s on its way out. ūüėČ

So this afternoon was supposed to go like this:

11:30am – leave house

1:50pm – arrive in Tampa for audition

2:15pm – finish audition and enjoy the evening with Austin at Busch Gardens

That is not what happened.

Instead, my car broke down in the middle of the highway, then started up again, but broke down a second time on the off ramp. The tow truck wasn’t going to arrive for 2 hours, so I had to call the agency to tell them I would miss the audition, but they said they would send someone to pick me up. The tow truck came and a man named Brad picked up Austin and I. I was 2 hours late for my audition and after much resistance, they decided to let me audition. Then we were dropped off at the mall where my roommate Sarah drove out to pick us up. And then we ended up at Universal for dinner. Whoa. [Insert deep breath here]

Random Universal Trip
Did I mention how much I love these people?

Now let me say this… please, do not mistake that long monologue for complaining. I’m sharing because, as a believer in God, I love to find ways He is working. For a situation that could be perceived as¬†bad, I look for His perfect plan. I always end up smiling when I realize how a situation like this turned out the best possible way it could have. Here’s how:

1. The obvious: My car turned off in the middle of the highway and we had to drift over some lanes to get to a safe(ish) place and we weren’t hit.

2. The location: the tow driver is free under 100 miles from your home. The location we were headed to was over 100 miles, but where we broke down was just under 100.

3. The help: my agency could have easily said “Sorry, I hope it all works out for you”, but they went above and beyond and found someone to come pick us up. That man, Brad, was late for his own audition to go out of his way for me and he was gracious and kind about the whole process. Also, my roommate, Sarah, just so happened to not have any work scheduled for the afternoon, so she was able to leave and make the trek to us at a moment’s notice. (THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!)

4. The timing: We weren’t sure what we were going to do if the tow truck arrived before Brad (then we were stranded) or if Brad arrived before the tow truck (then Austin would have stayed with the car and been stranded for a bit). But¬†of course, the tow truck arrived and just as he was finishing loading up the car, Brad called. He was parked on the other side of the street waving at us. ūüôā

5. The company: Austin never comes with me to auditions, it just so happened to be in Tampa, and we thought it would be fun to make a day of it. He was patient and kind to me throughout the whole process. And if he wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have had the option of leaving my car if Brad arrived before the tow truck. (THANK YOU!)

All in all, whether I get the part or not, I am just so floored at God’s hand. He truly does take care of us. Sometimes it’s just a matter of changing your perspective and seeing it.

Too many times we choose to look at the negative. I invite you to do the opposite.


Rockin’ Tuna Burgers

Here’s a fun fact about Victoria… I LOVE cooking. Not just cooking, but the entire creative process that takes place from the moment you stare into the fridge & pantry to creating something delicious that makes your taste buds shout for joy. Or if you’re like me, there is also an audible shout for joy that comes shortly afterwards. Now, if I could just get myself into the habit of actually writing down the recipes so that others could re-create these mouth-watering morsels I’d be set. Only, I haven’t found a way to exactly measure “some of this, with a splash of that, and just a pinch of this“.

But guess what… today I did it. I wrote down the recipe. Not only that, but I used actual measurements. And not only that, but this is the first time in my history of making Tuna Burgers (which isn’t super long, but hey, I’m trying) that the burgers did not, I repeat, did not fall apart while cooking! Hurray!!

Tuna Burger

Check out those patties of golden delicious goodness.

Tuna Burgers (makes 4 patties)

2 – 5oz cans White Albacore Tuna (in water – then drained)
2 – eggs
2 scallions (chopped)
2 small garlic cloves (minced)
1/2 cup fresh spinach (roughly chopped & steamed)
2 tbsp arrowroot flour*
2 tsp coconut flour*
1 tbsp Old Bay Seasoning
Fresh squeezed lemon juice (optional)
*I used arrowroot & coconut flour, but these could be interchanged or coconut flour alone.

1. Preheat grill to low-medium heat
2. Mix together all ingredients, except lemon juice, in a mixing bowl and combine
3. Refrigerate for 10-15 minutes (go enjoy a book or some cat videos while you wait…)
4. Form into four patties
5. Grill on aluminum foil with 7 minutes on each side
6. Top it all off with a fresh squeeze of lemon juice (Or a splash of hot sauce, or some tomato, lettuce, and onion, or whatever else your heart may desire)

I hope you¬†love this recipe as much as I did today! I kept telling the Grill Master (hello, Austin!) how much I loved these after every bite. Enjoy! ūüôā

Clif Bar: Kit’s Organic Fruit + Seed Review

I am a¬†huge fan of Larabars (Coconut Cream Pie, HELLO). I probably eat one a day, but would totally eat more if I didn’t have any willpower. I like to save one for each day and plan out which flavor I will have (which may be weird, but whatever). With that being said, I had a free coupon on hand to try a Kit’s Organic bar, made by¬†Clif Bar, so I decided to just go for it¬†and picked up the¬†Cherry + Pumpkin Seed¬†flavor.

Kit's Organic Cherry + Pumpkin Seed

Kit’s Organic bars are gluten, soy, and dairy free. They are also Certified Organic and this particular flavor boasts a mere 6 ingredients: Dates, Pumpkin Seeds, Cherries, Apples, Sea Salt, & Rosemary Extract. I loved the idea of a nice spin on a Larabar, but with all organic ingredients and the price at my Whole Foods was only $1.50 (but luckily I had my free coupon!), which is pretty close to the $1.29 Larabar. I was so intrigued by the flavors of Cherry and Pumpkin. Growing up I LOVED cherries and used to be handed a big bowl for an after-school snack, so I was excited to try it. I also purchased the Berry + Almond Fruit + Nut Bar just for the thrill of it.

Chowing on Kit's

Here are my thoughts on this particular flavor:


–¬†Texture: I really enjoyed that you could see all the ingredients (bits of cherry and whole pumpkin seeds) and it was still firm, but not tough to chew.

–¬†Organic: It wasn’t too pricey for an “Organic upgrade” to Larabar


¬†Flavor: Sad day ūüė¶ I don’t know if it was the rosemary extract or the pumpkin seeds that did it, but the cherry was hardly noticeable to me. It seem quite overpowered by a flavor I couldn’t put my finger on. I ended up giving the rest of the bar to my sister.

Overall, I probably won’t buy this flavor again, but today I tried the¬†Berry + Almond¬†and had a much better experience. I enjoyed giving these bars a try, but I am still a true¬†Larabar fan.

Although I may be turned by that Coconut Chocolate Almond flavor… Hmm….

Have you tried any Kit’s Organic Bars? What do you think of them?

“Ape-Bear-Crab” Workout

Here’s today’s killer workout:

Ape Bear Crab Workout

Compliments of my wonderful main-squeeze, Austin, this workout makes you crawl around like an animal… just try to avoid making noises like one too.

We completed this warm-up and workout on a sand volleyball court, which I¬†highly¬†do not recommend (talk about killer on your wrists), but if you use a firmer surface, you could probably still get a decent workout in. Or if you are up for the challenge and have a sand volleyball court around… go for it! ūüôā

Warm Up:

25 yd Run

25 yd Run – backwards

(repeat 2x)

25 yd Side Shuffle – right side

25 yd Side Shuffle – left side

(repeat 2x)

15 squats

15 push-ups

(repeat 2x)


50 yd Ape Crawl (25 yd there and back)

25 yd Sideways Ape Crawl – right side

25 yd Sideways Ape Crawl – left side

25 yd Bear Crawl – forward

25 yd Bear Crawl – backward

50 yd Crab Walk (25 yd there and back)

(repeat workout 3x total)

Let me know if you end up giving it a try! Enjoy!

Hello! Hola. Ciao. Bonjour. Hey There…

And welcome to “The Thrive Life”

— a blog about healthy eating, being active, and fun life adventures!

Hey, that's me!

My name is Victoria! I’m currently hanging out in the Sunshine State, pursing an acting career, cooking up a storm of healthy eats, trying my best to kill it in all things active, and traveling along my God-given journey while hoping to glorify Him all the way!


So what is the Thrive Life all about? <—¬†I’m so glad you asked! Here it goes…

First, the back story… Once upon a time, I was interested in the¬†Paleo Diet. I tore up the library and went home with a few TONS of Paleo-related books. I read through a bunch of them, took copious amounts of notes, preached to my friends about my new lifestyle choice, and then didn’t know where to start [typical]. Then I got my hands on¬†It Starts¬†With Food¬†by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig, which gave a perfect layout of how to jump in by using the¬†Whole30 plan. Then there was a point where the book kept saying, “Start TODAY! Do it NOW! Get on it!” and I found myself thinking, “Yes! Okay! I’m all in!”

It Starts With Food


Next, I needed wanted a way to document all my healthy eats & new recipes. So of course, SOCIAL MEDIA, had dawned on me. As if I am not attached enough to my cell phone (which, I am making active steps to try to break this very unhealthy addiction and I recommend this to others), I decided Instagram was the best place to start and therefore,¬†created my very own “instablog“. By the way, I am pretty sure I just coined that term, so you can quote me on that.

After tossing around a few names…¬†The Thrive Life¬†Instagram was BORN! ūüôā

I chose¬†The Thrive Life because I want to do more than just live a mediocre life. The idea of¬†thriving¬†can be applied to all areas of life— spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially. I believe that if we strive for more than average, if we go ALL IN, and give life our everything, we can truly thrive. For me, I am passionate about Jesus Christ, people, healthy food, being active, and adventure and I want to thrive in these areas (plus a few more).

Why should we just go through the motions and not truly explore all that this life has to offer?
Or better yet, what we have to offer this life and all those we come in contact with?

Plus, I love the definition of what it means to thrive:

Thrive (verb): to grow or develop well or vigorously; prosper; flourish.

So there you have it… and now that my¬†Whole30 journey is coming to a close, my real journey with healthy living is only just beginning. I would love for you to join me in the process! My hope is that this site can be a place for recipes, product/race reviews, activity ideas, motivation & inspiration, and the occasional life-challenging questions.


Welcome to The Thrive Life!

 The Thrive Life