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And welcome to “The Thrive Life”

— a blog about healthy eating, being active, and fun life adventures!

Hey, that's me!

My name is Victoria! I’m currently hanging out in the Sunshine State, pursing an acting career, cooking up a storm of healthy eats, trying my best to kill it in all things active, and traveling along my God-given journey while hoping to glorify Him all the way!


So what is the Thrive Life all about? <— I’m so glad you asked! Here it goes…

First, the back story… Once upon a time, I was interested in the Paleo Diet. I tore up the library and went home with a few TONS of Paleo-related books. I read through a bunch of them, took copious amounts of notes, preached to my friends about my new lifestyle choice, and then didn’t know where to start [typical]. Then I got my hands on It Starts With Food by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig, which gave a perfect layout of how to jump in by using the Whole30 plan. Then there was a point where the book kept saying, “Start TODAY! Do it NOW! Get on it!” and I found myself thinking, “Yes! Okay! I’m all in!”

It Starts With Food


Next, I needed wanted a way to document all my healthy eats & new recipes. So of course, SOCIAL MEDIA, had dawned on me. As if I am not attached enough to my cell phone (which, I am making active steps to try to break this very unhealthy addiction and I recommend this to others), I decided Instagram was the best place to start and therefore, created my very own “instablog“. By the way, I am pretty sure I just coined that term, so you can quote me on that.

After tossing around a few names… The Thrive Life Instagram was BORN! 🙂

I chose The Thrive Life because I want to do more than just live a mediocre life. The idea of thriving can be applied to all areas of life— spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially. I believe that if we strive for more than average, if we go ALL IN, and give life our everything, we can truly thrive. For me, I am passionate about Jesus Christ, people, healthy food, being active, and adventure and I want to thrive in these areas (plus a few more).

Why should we just go through the motions and not truly explore all that this life has to offer?
Or better yet, what we have to offer this life and all those we come in contact with?

Plus, I love the definition of what it means to thrive:

Thrive (verb): to grow or develop well or vigorously; prosper; flourish.

So there you have it… and now that my Whole30 journey is coming to a close, my real journey with healthy living is only just beginning. I would love for you to join me in the process! My hope is that this site can be a place for recipes, product/race reviews, activity ideas, motivation & inspiration, and the occasional life-challenging questions.


Welcome to The Thrive Life!

 The Thrive Life



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