“Ape-Bear-Crab” Workout

Here’s today’s killer workout:

Ape Bear Crab Workout

Compliments of my wonderful main-squeeze, Austin, this workout makes you crawl around like an animal… just try to avoid making noises like one too.

We completed this warm-up and workout on a sand volleyball court, which I highly do not recommend (talk about killer on your wrists), but if you use a firmer surface, you could probably still get a decent workout in. Or if you are up for the challenge and have a sand volleyball court around… go for it! 🙂

Warm Up:

25 yd Run

25 yd Run – backwards

(repeat 2x)

25 yd Side Shuffle – right side

25 yd Side Shuffle – left side

(repeat 2x)

15 squats

15 push-ups

(repeat 2x)


50 yd Ape Crawl (25 yd there and back)

25 yd Sideways Ape Crawl – right side

25 yd Sideways Ape Crawl – left side

25 yd Bear Crawl – forward

25 yd Bear Crawl – backward

50 yd Crab Walk (25 yd there and back)

(repeat workout 3x total)

Let me know if you end up giving it a try! Enjoy!


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