Things I Want to Try

It’s hard not to get a little overwhelmed when “going Paleo”. Although I’m considering myself in the transitioning stage, I am definitely noticing how much better I feel after eating a Paleo diet, thanks to my “Whole30ish Experience“. Suddenly, I just want to eat anything that is “Paleo-approved”, or do things that Paleo-people do (whatever in the world that means). I tend to do this when I get excited about things. With that being said, here is a list of some things I would love to try! If you already have, let me know what you think!

1. CrossFit – some of my favorite blogging ladies all have two things in common: healthy eating & CrossFit. These women are glowing with strength and courage to take on the challenges CrossFit offers. Currently, it’s not in the budget for me, but one of these days I’d love to check it out.


2. Rx Bar, Exo BarEpic Baretc. – I am a bit of a bar fanatic. I think it comes from my desire to always be prepared. Now, I am pretty devoted to Larabars. I like that they’re simple, nutritious, available in stores and don’t cost an arm and a leg. I’m interested in being adventurous and branching out a bit. The three bars listed are the ones I’ve heard the most about. Any comments or suggestions?

Eat All the Bars

3. All The Paleo Cookbooks – All of them. Good or bad, I’ll take them. The local library can’t get them to me fast enough. I literally squeal when another one arrives at my door. The problem with library books is that they make you give them back. I just want to cook all the recipes in all the books and share all the delicious foods with my family and friends. Do you have a favorite?

Paleo books

4. Mud Run, Obstacle Run, or Triathlon – I’ve run my fair share of long distance races. From 5k to marathon, I have enjoyed all kinds of amazing races, people, and routes. I think my first (and last) full marathon put a bad taste in my mouth. I wasn’t fully prepared and felt like I would hate running forever after that. I have managed to do a 10k since then (over a year later), but haven’t found much joy in running anymore. Plus, it’s really depressing going from running 13 miles straight to huffing and puffing your way through 2 miles, but I should probably just get over myself. Anyway, I really would like to try one of these challenge races. I think it would be something that would re-spark my passion for racing again.

Savannah Marathon
I don’t know what this pose is. You get pretty delusional after 26 miles.

What are some interesting things you would like to try? Any additional suggestions for my list?

Share your experiences! 🙂


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