Beyond Meat Coupon GIVEAWAY!

WHAT?! Beyond Meat products are not Paleo!


Beyond Meat Logo

Here’s the story: During my journey to discover the best diet lifestyle, I watched a lot of documentaries. I mean a lot of documentaries. Most of which, were geared towards plant-based nutrition and the cruel treatment of mass-produced farm animals. This led to one morning when I woke up and told my roommates “Enough is enough! I am going to be a pescetarian! And I’m starting today!” Naturally, they gave me the courteous “Go for it Victoria” and I was set. I racked up all the info on veganism and pescetarianism that I could find. During this process I found the Beyond Meat products in Whole Foods.


I was actually really surprised that the products really do have very similar texture and taste to actual ground beef or chicken strips. The smell, however, was kind of funky, but once you get past it, it’s not too bad.

Now, here’s the catch, after educating myself more on soy protein, I don’t believe this is the best source of nutrition. Since this is a giveaway and giveaways are fun, I will spare you from my rants, but I encourage you to do some research as well and do some self-experimentation as I did.

Now on to the giveaway… I have not one, but TWO coupons for a FREE package of a Beyond Meat product of your choosing. I figured someone may get some use out of this and if you’re trying to discover the best diet lifestyle too, this may be worth a try. (Or if you just like free stuff & winning things, than cheers to you! I’m right there with you.)


How to Enter:

1. Follow “” on Instagram and comment on any picture using #thethrivelife

2. Write a comment on this post about why you would like to try a Beyond Meat product

TWO Winners will be announced on Monday, August 4th and receive their coupon in the mail!!



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