When I was participating in the Whole30 program, it was super easy to follow when I was in my own little bubble at home. Take me out in public and that was a different story: Oh, I want frozen yogurt! Look at that billboard for pasta! Does it smell like bread to you? Especially when you’re hanging out with friends and the spontaneous “Let’s all go to Taco Bell” exclamatory arises.

 To help, I checked out a few restaurants and wrote down a large list of what I could eat. It was like my own little “Whole30-Approved” app.
(By the way, we need one of those…)
Now check out some delicious options from good ‘ole Panera Bread.

Power Mediterranean Roasted Turkey
Power Mediterranean Roasted Turkey

Food Options:

Breakfast – start your morning off grain & dairy free
– Summer Fruit Cup (nothing hidden here… yeah!)

The Power Menu – not only does it sound awesome, but most Panera Bread stores do not advertise this on the menu boards, so you feel really special that you’re “in-the-know”.
– Power Steak Lettuce Wraps WITHOUT THE PESTO (milk & cheese lurk in there)
– Power Mediterranean Roasted Turkey Salad HOLD THE PEPPERONCINI (no Yellow #5 today, please)

Salads – the trick here is the “hold-the-dressing approach” and you’re golden.
– Classic Salad NO DRESSING (soybean oil alert!)

Classic Salad

Drink Options:

– Black Coffee (hot or iced)
– Espresso
– Unsweetened Teas
– Premium Orange Juice
– Low-Fat B-Green Smoothie

B-Green Smoothie

It’s not too hard to eat out at Panera Bread if you’re doing Whole30;
just don’t cave when they ask if you want to “add a 99-cent pastry”.


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