Flavors of the Week

I absolutely love trying new things, but with my personality I often get super excited about a few things, then move on to the next group of things I am thrilled about. To me, it keeps life interesting and exhilarating. To others, it becomes just down-right confusing.

Currently, these are a few of my favorite things that I enjoy to stick to a healthy lifestyle (and just for fun).

1. My Crockpot: I’ve made my first batch of homemade chicken stock & vegetable stock. When life give you stock, make soup! The crockpot has been an extraordinary tool to help on busy days when I just want to come home hungry for dinner. There is a healthy dinner waiting to be devoured. Plus, the aromas act as an extraordinary air freshener.

French Onion Soup
French Onion Soup, let’s eat!

2. Twice: This website is filled with designer brands at a severe discount. The site allows people to sell their gently used, current, name-brand clothing and then they re-sell the products at dangerously low prices. Dangerous for me, at least. Twice is really great about serving first-time buyers too. When I created an account, I gained a $10 credit. I gained another $10 credit for adding the app. Finally, another $10 credit for referring a friend. On top of all that, first time buyers currently get a 50% off discount. I received $60 of gently used, designer brand clothing for FREE (yes, you read that correctly).

Like Twice

3. Coconut Cream Pie Larabar: EAT ALL THE COCONUT THINGS has been the theme of my life recently, but I have it completely under control. I may need to chill out a bit. Good thing Whole Foods has a coupon for Larabars right now. Also, Target has 5% back on the Cartwheel app. STOCK UP! Every time I am in need of an emergency snack, these are the perfect treat and great to tide me over to the next meal.

Coconut Cream Pie

4. Tennis: Who knew this game could be incredible?! I was a gymnast growing up. I have that whole balance and tumbling thing down pat still, but as far as games that include a ball, I may or may not have a hard time with. Recently, Austin and I have been playing a TON of tennis and I finally have been able to keep a rally and proper swing– so now I enjoy it 😉

5. Iced Coconut Coffee: As you may have guessed, I am Iced Coffee’s Number One Fan. Go Iced Coffee! Win all the taste buds! I have been making these iced coconut coffees every morning lately (and occasionally in the afternoon too). I used to be a dedicated fan of Dunkin Donuts’ Caramel Iced Coffee. Now that there is an absence of sugar and dairy in my life, those are no longer an option. With these Iced Coconut Coffees though, it really no longer matters. Adios Dunkin!

Liquid Gold
Hello, Friend.

What are you currently loving?


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