Whole30 at CHIPOTLE

When it comes to dining out & the Whole30, Chipotle will be a safe haven to run to when you’re in a rush to eat a healthy, nutritious meal. This place is fantastic because there are specific options that are Whole30-friendly, so it’s easy to just create your own meal using these ingredients! Not only that but who doesn’t love a good Mexican meal? I know I sure do…

Okay, so you can't eat the corn, but that caption is pretty hilarious.
Okay, so you can’t eat the corn or the rice, but that caption is pretty darn hilarious.

Now onto important things; here is the stuff you CAN dive into while dining at Chipotle:

– Carnitas: which is wonderful news for you because this pork is jam-packed with flavor.
– Guacamole: local AND organic; now what other fast-food chain can say that about their guac?!
– Lettuce: well, you understand why that’s acceptable
– Salsa, Tomatillo-Green Chili: this verde salsa is truly mouth-watering
– Salsa, Tomatillo-Red Chili: has a spicier kick than its milder green friend; it’s flavored with Tabasco!
– Salsa, Tomato: don’t mistake simple for bland because this salsa is just as delicious as its counterparts

Step aside Tortilla Chips, the Guacamole is the STAR!
Step aside Tortilla Chips, the Guacamole is the STAR!

And there you have it! Those ingredients can create a scrumptious “burrito bowl” or salad. And if you don’t fully trust me just yet (don’t worry you won’t hurt my feelings), you can check out the Chipotle Ingredients Statement for an in-depth breakdown of all the ingredient options at their restaurant.

How many times have you visited Chipotle during your Whole30?
My count: six. 😉


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