Theme Park Packing

Guess what. You don’t have to eat theme park food. Although I could probably eat all the churros in sight. You also don’t have to go hungry. There are a few things you can do to get some healthy, nutritious foods into the park to satisfy the hunger pangs. And I am going to share them with you. You’re welcome 😉

Sarah and I had a lovely trip to Sea World to say goodbye to the Clyde & Seamore Show. They are changing the show and we just had to get once last laugh while we still had the chance.

Sea Lions Tonite! ShowHow often do you get to see a sea lion and walrus do “the Wiggle”?

Not to mention there is also lots of other fun things to do and see around the park. Hello, dolphin friends.

Dolphin FriendsOkay, now onto the real reason you’re all here…

Theme Park Packing Tips: For those determined people who want to eat healthy, but not get frisked at the bag check for bringing your 3-course meal with you.

1. Pack “Snacks”: Many theme parks don’t like when you bring full meals into the park. I’ve worked at Universal and Sea World and even if you bring in just a sandwich, it counts as a meal. When you pack small baggies of nuts and veggies, a tiny tupperware of sausage, and a Larabar, they all count as snacks. You know that when you eat it all at once, it’s a satisfying meal.

Sea World Snacks
See? It looks like a bunch of snacks; little do they know.

2. Nix the Cooler (if you can): The cooler or lunchbox often brings immediate attention to those guarding the gate. Ah! Get them! They’re not buying our food! If you place your individual bags in different pockets of your backpack it brings less alarm and you’ll have an easier time getting through the gate.

Stashing the Coconut Water & Veggies

3. Plastic for the Win: Glass is a big no-no in most theme parks. I personally love packing food in glass, but I’ve had to walk back to my car with my glass jar of berries because it’s not allowed in the park. Plastic bags will go through untouched.

Plastic for the win!

4. Tag-Team It: If you have a bag and your friend has a purse, divvy up the food to make it look like there is less being brought into the park. Plus, you’ll both bond over feeling like stealthy ninjas sneaking into the park.

Secret Larabar Pocket
Obviously the Larabar stash comes with me.
Me + My Partner in Crime, Sarah
Me + My Partner in Crime, Sarah

There you have it! And one more mammal picture for the road, shall we?

Now that is one adorable killer whale, am I right?
Now that is one adorable killer whale, am I right?

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