Whole30 at STARBUCKS

Sorry in advanced, but you won’t find any frappuccinos or pastries on this list.

"Frappuccino" must be code for "A Milkshake You Can Drink in the Morning"
“Frappuccino” must be code for: “A Milkshake You Can Drink in the Morning”. Talk about a sugar rush.

But if you’re a big fan of the morning mud (or other Starbucks items) then step right up and ask your barista for one of these items:

– Black Coffee (hot or iced)
– Unsweetened Teas (hot or iced)
– Caffe Americano
– Apple Juice
(cold or steamed)
Evolution Fresh Juices:
Apple Berry
*Carrot Orange Mango
*Coconut Water & Greens
*Essential Greens
*Essential Vegetable
*Avocado Greens
*Carrot Apple
*Sweet Burn
*Sweet Greens
*Pineapple Coconut Water
*Smooth Greens

Black CoffeeFood:
– Seasonal Harvest Fruit Blend
– Protein Bistro Box (but only the fruit and eggs)

Starbucks Fruit Bowl

Extra Tips:

1) You can use a reusable cup and get 10-cents off your drink order.
2) If you add the Starbucks mobile app, you will get all kinds of rewards like free birthday drinks & free in-store refills!
3) Currently, the treat receipt is happening until August 17th! Get any grande drink for only $2 after 2pm.
4) When I know I’m headed to Starbucks, I bring a little jar of coconut milk to add to my coffee.

NOTE: Remember, if you’re participating in the Whole30 program, only 1-2 8oz cups of coffee is allowed and it must be before 12pm.


4 thoughts on “Whole30 at STARBUCKS

  1. Hi you actually can’t have all the Teas.. Most come with sugar already. Only the passion tea unsweetened is accepted by whole30. The apple juice is not approved either. Just a helpful tip.


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