Lazy Man’s Lunch

For the days you don’t feel like cooking or just want to switch things up!IMG_9614
I’m logging Day 7 of Whole30 and wanted a lunch that would satisfy, but not require much work. My inspiration came from the idea of an antipasto platter + the contents of my fridge. Instant lunch opportunity.

Kitty FoodThe kitten thought it was a great idea too.

Some things you might want to add to your Lazy Man’s Lunch platter (or “Lazy Woman” if you prefer to be technical):

1. VEGGIES: A serious amount of veggies. In multiple colors too, if you can help it. I used what I happen to have on hand. Fill up at least half your plate of some of these delicious and nutritious bites!
2. Protein: For me, I used some Whole30 approved lunch meat since it was nice and easy to throw together. Leftover chicken breast or pre-cooked sausage can be simple and quick too!
3. Fat: Make sure your meal is balanced out with some quality fats! Not pictured was my iced coffee I drank with 1/3 cup of full-fat coconut milk. You can also consider choosing olives or avocado to put on your plate.
4. Fruit (optional)If you haven’t already eaten your serving or two of fruit for the day, feel free to toss some on your plate too!

IMG_9610And it’s kitten approved too! Now pardon me while I save my lunch from this feline…


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