Garlic Roasted Spaghetti Squash

Why would you even bother with pasta anymore? <— although this sentence could be crazy talk. While switching my life over to a Paleo diet, I really thought I would crave pasta. (yes, first-world problems, I know.)
Until I found spaghetti squash.

My method is simple and can be used as a base for whichever way you want to take your pasta-like creation!Golden Spaghetti Squash

Garlic Roasted Spaghetti Squash
– 1 large spaghetti squash
– 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, divided
– 2 large garlic cloves, minced
– sea salt, black pepper & dried rosemary

1. Preheat oven to 450-degrees.
2. Slice squash in half; lengthwise.
3. Place halves on baking sheet (I prefer face-up so it browns the inside) and drizzle 1/2 tbsp over each half.
4. Divide minced garlic and sprinkle over each half.
5. Season with salt, pepper, and rosemary to taste.
6. Roast in over for 25-30 minutes (depending on the size of your squash).
7. Once cooled, shred the inside of the squash using a fork. Serve.

Roasted Veggies & SquashPaleo-Style Serving Suggestions:
– Add roasted vegetables & fresh basil for a veggie-packed meal
– Toss with homemade pesto sauce & sautéed shrimp
– Make it old school with tomato sauce & homemade meatballs
– Eat it at breakfast and top with hard-boiled eggs & bacon

What other ways do you enjoy your spaghetti squash?


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