Whole30 at McDONALDS

Usually, I would recommend keeping McDonalds at bay, but if you find yourself in the situation where everyone in the car wants McDonalds and you lack your bag of snacks, then this post is for you.

I’ll tell you right now: There aren’t many options, but there is somethingAnd we will take something!

Side SaladFood:
[or as I like to call it: The Short List]
– Apple Slices
– Side Salad
– Beef Patty (McDonalds has taken out their fillers, hurray!)

– Minute Maid Apple Juice
– Minute Maid Orange Juice
– Dasani Water (surprise, surprise)
– Unsweetened Iced Tea
– McCafe Hot Coffee, black
– McCafe Iced Coffee, black

Coffee BreakTricky Foods:
[these foods may look like Whole30 or Paleo; but they’re hiding something…]
– Eggs & Egg Whites; contain liquid margarine
– Grilled Chicken; contains sugar & rice starch
Applewood & Canadian Bacon; contains sugar
Sausage; contains sugar, corn syrup & dextrose…geez!
– Pickles; contains food dyes

Stay strong on your Whole30 journey!
See? You can even tackle a McDonalds with ease!


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