Card Workouts

Oh now these are good. And totally my idea. And I stole the idea, but I’m sharing it now, so it’s justified. That’s how it works, right? Card Workouts are some of my personal favorites due to their simplistic nature, but they are able to be personalized to fit your fitness needs.

All you need for a basic card workout is a deck of cards and maybe a sheet of paper + pen if you want to write your workout down. I recommend this because if you really like the combo you did you can save it for later, or use it to beat your previous time.Card Workouts

First, pair an exercise with a suit. Every time you draw from the deck, the suit will indicate which exercise you are to perform. I usually choose exercises that work varying muscle groups to make this a total body type workout, but if it’s “leg day” and you’re seeking to tucker-out your lower body, you can do that. Again, this is a fantastic workout style to meet your needs.

The number on the card will indicate how many repetitions of the exercise you are to accomplish:
1-10 = 1-10 reps
Face Cards = 11 reps

Then, shuffle the deck when you’re ready to begin and draw your first exercise from the deck! Repeat this process until you’re through the whole deck. I really enjoy this method because the excitement of “I wonder what’s coming next” always occurs. This keeps your workout interesting and fresh every time. And we like fresh…

Typical Floridians with our Flip Flop playing cards...
Typical Floridians with our Flip Flop playing cards…

Here are some samples of card workouts I’ve done in the past.
Or create your own!

Workout1 Workout2 Workout3 Workout4

Now if only I knew how to play poker with all these silly cards…


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