Are You Up for the Challenge?!

noun: a call to take part in a contest or competition
verb: to invite someone to engage in a contest

Challenging yourself can be fun, taxing, and incredibly rewarding. It seems like there are a good amount of nutritional and physical challenges floating around, one of which I am participating in– shout out to Whole30— so I thought if any of you were interested in trying something new and improving your health at the same time, then why not a brief overview of some of the ones I’ve come across? challengeLet’s roll…

1) Whole30
“Change your life in 30 days” as they claim. Personally, I’m over here at Day 19 and I already feel incredibly different. The Whole30 is a thirty-day diet challenge. It looks very similar to a Paleo diet, though stricter. Some of the “rules” include…

– Only eat meats, seafood, tons of veggies, some fruit, nuts & seeds, along with quality fat sources.
– Avoid all gluten, grain, dairy, soy, legumes, and sugar; also avoid anything processed and artificial.
– No coffee or tea after 12pm.
– Do not try to recreate junk foods, baked goods or treats with “approved” ingredients (this will only continue to reinforce your habits)
– No cheating.

EatWhole30This challenge I halfway-completed once and saw incredible changes and benefits to my life, which is why I really am sticking to it this time for the entire thirty days. I also have spoken with others and their Whole30 journey and have heard similar experiences. Not only that, but after feeling so fantastic and energized, it has completely changed their diets permanently and they have continued with the Paleo-lifestyle. I’m predicting this outcome for myself as well. The amazing part is that at Day 19, I have an easier time passing up sweet treats and artificial goods because I no longer crave them. Now that is a win!

2) 21 Day Sugar Detox
“Bust sugar and carb cravings naturally” is the cry of creator Diane Sanfilippo. Not only is the book available for purchase, but also if you check out her website, there are entire packages you can buy that include the audio series, workout & yoga guides, cookbooks, and more! From my understanding, there are three levels during the detox:
– Level 1: a diet without refined foods, but not excluding all grain, dairy, or legume products.
– Level 2: adds the removal of grain and legume products.
– Level 3: super strict Paleo; removes all sugars, grains, legume and dairy products, but with additional modifications.21-Day-Sugar-Detox-Fruit-Allowed
Anyone out there give this 21-day challenge a shot yet?

3) 40 Days of Green
This one is pretty simple– drink a green smoothie (or juice) every day for 40 days. I first heard about it through Instagram when I noticed the #40daysofgreen hashtag spreading. I am a BIG fan of green smoothies. I love that you can jam-pack kale and spinach into a blender, add a piece of fruit, and you can’t even taste all those leafy greens, but you’re getting all the amazing nutrients! Kale CutiePlus, this particular site allows you to sign up for weekly emails that include recipes, videos, and community encouragement. Even if you don’t sign up for all the extras, if you’re having trouble getting vegetables in your breakfast routine (or even snack time) this is a phenomenal way to do so!

So what do you think? Have you tried any of these challenges? Or are there any other you have given a chance?Mental self-five


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