TWENTY DAYS: A Whole30 Update

It’s not over yet, but I am pretty darn proud of myself so far, PLUS all these great things are happening…

But first, can we talk about the irony of my calendar?
Thanks a lot Betty Crocker…Cinnamon Roll Calendar1) I feel like a super hero.
I am a pretty energetic person in general, you know those crazy extraverted types, but this is a different kind of energy. I am not as sluggish or tired during the day. I don’t feel like sitting for hours after eating a meal. When I workout I feel like I can actually tackle the workout rather than just get through it. Overall, I feel energized and able to enjoy the day that I have been given! And that feeling rocks. 🙂Super Duper

2) My hair and nails are growing fast.
And strong too! I first noticed in my nails due to their lack of breakage. Usually my nails will grow nicely, but they break or peel the second I bump into anything. Currently, that’s not the case. So… that’s pretty neat. Then, someone complimented how long my hair was getting and after taking a good look in the mirror I was actually surprised to notice the same! Nails!

3) My rest is quality rest.
First, concerning my sleep. I always need an alarm clock to tell me when to pop out of bed to press snooze 6 times on every morning, but now not only do I sleep through the night, but I also wake up every day at 6:30am like clockwork. Not that I enjoy getting out of bed (hello, I’m not crazy), but at least it is a much easier process. Secondly, resting during the day. After reading the importance of the “play hard; rest hard” mentality, I have done my best to take some time to read, draw, journal and listen to music– even if only for 15 minutes. This time has also made a difference in the way I mentally, emotionally, and spiritually approach the day.

4) I feel a need to be outside and move.
What first started out as dragging myself outside to run or workout, then turned into a wonderful experience. I used to be an avid runner, but once transferring from college to “the real world”, that motivation dissipated. When making my Whole30 goals, I wanted to be active at least half of the days during the challenge. Maybe its something about putting a little gold star on the calendar that makes me feel proud of myself. Although now, I actually want to get in a run or workout. On top of that, I want to head outside to do it, or drive down to the park. I want to experience God’s handiwork and move those muscles. Great Outdoors Tree View Splash of Color

And the best for last…
5) I don’t really want the sugar, breads, or junk foods anymore.
With the exception of dark chocolate, I now look at pasta, rolls, sugary cereals, and baked goods and cringe. CRINGE, I TELL YOU! What is happening?! Something about knowing all those ingredients (especially the chemically created ones) and what they do to our bodies makes me think twice about my food choices. Better than that, I am able to look at a plate of cookies or basket of bread and not want it. It’s like we’ve broken up and I no longer feel anything for them.

Ooooo... Look at all the artificial colors and flavorings!
Ooooo… Look at all the artificial colors and flavorings!

And this is only day twenty! I can’t wait to get to Day 30 and shout “Hip! Hip! Hurray!” Perhaps not those exact words, but you catch my drift. I hope you all are well and enjoying your week! If you’re participating in the Whole30 don’t forget to celebrate each of these milestones! 🙂


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