What I Ate Wednesday #2

Welcome to another rendition of What I Ate Wednesday!

A crazy thing happened today. I woke up early without planning it. And if you have extra time in the morning, clearly its pancake time.

Breakfast: Paleo Coconut Peach Pancakes. Coconut Peach PancakesNormally I always try and bring a veggie or two to the plate for breakfast, but I was quite full after these pretty little things. I love the flavor of coconutpeaches. It tastes so tropical… if that makes any sense. 😉

Lunch: I worked today, so with the frantic lunch time, I didn’t manage a photo. Lunch was a hamburger + a raw Pad Thai salad that was inspired by the one on Kristina’s blogRaw Pad Thai SaladSnack: ATTENTION EVERYONE. God made candy and they’re called dates. Delicious, delicious dates. STOP EATING FAKE CANDY. This is straight-from-nature-candy!! Seriously, put down the Snickers. Pick up the dates.

Date CandyDinner: There was BOGO BACON at Publix today. The cherry on top of that cake is that Publix has sugar-free bacon! Well done, Publix. Well done. Therefore, dinner obviously needed to include bacon– and so it did. Spinach salad topped with shrimp and a warm bacon dressing. Simply gorgeous.Spinach Shrimp Salad with Bacon Dressing

Here's another angle, because I know you want it.
Here’s another angle, because I know you want it.

Onto the workout portion of tonight’s post.

50 mountain climbers
50 squats
50 push-ups
50 kettle bell swings
25 burpees
50 lunges
50 sit-ups
50 snatches
50 tuck jumps
25 rows

Complete all exercises in any order; for time.


 What kinds of healthy alternatives did you snack on today?


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