Run. Burpees. Run.

The weather is gorgeous outside. It is FINALLY cooling down a little outside, but in Florida is only lasts for a few days (or hours) so you need to take advantage of it ASAP. A run was much-needed and desired.

So here was the rundown… see what I did there?
Okay too cheesy, moving on:

Run 1 mile – Tempo Run Style

100 Burpees Workout

Run 1 mile – Cool Down Run

Do this workout with full-force effort and you’ll hopefully be completely drained at the end. You’ll be sweaty and gross, but feel like a champ. Plus, you can tell all your friends you completed 100-burpees today. You can also add more running to the end if you’re up for it! 🙂

What kinds of workouts do you like to do outside when the weather cools down? Get outside this weekend!



3 thoughts on “Run. Burpees. Run.

  1. I pretty much avoid burpees if possible regardless the weather. 🙂 (I’m so bad at them. Haha)

    As it gets colder I like to increase my mileage on the bike or on foot. My boyfriend and I tend to do higher altitude hikes in the summer (since it stays colder higher up) and save the lower altitude ones for fall and winter. I’m getting excited to start hiking different routes on the weekends soon.

    Happy Friday!


    • Oh I wish I had some awesome places to hike. Florida is so FLAT. But that sounds WONDERFUL! Enjoy the great outdoors! I love when the weather creates a perfect environment for enjoying it 🙂

      Happy Friday to you too Kay!


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