Workout Challenge: Day 5

Gah! I promise I’m not a slacker… I was just running around like a chicken with my head cut off yesterday and so I never got around to having a second to write this post. (On a Side Note: Does anyone use that “chicken-with-your-head-cut-off” phrase anymore? Or am I really that un-hip?)

YOU MADE IT! Workout Challenge Day 5! After this one, you can officially say you have completed the challenge with gusto! Or maybe you are crawling to get through it, but THAT STILL COUNTS! 😉

Day 5: HIIT + Lower Body Strength

There are a few important things to take away from this experience. At least, here are some I thought of and hopefully you also took away some of these things (or maybe even some of your own).

1. No matter how busy you are, you can get in a 20-30 minute workout somewhere. Even if it means waking up a bit earlier, or using part of your hour lunch break, a quick workout can get done if you want to make it happen.
2. Short workouts can still be of quality. I use to get very discouraged when I didn’t have an entire 45-60 minutes to dedicate to exercise the way I could in college. I would choose not exercising at all over a 20-30 minute routine because I thought I wouldn’t actually be “doing enough” during that short amount of time. Here is some proof that that is wrong.

Let me know your thoughts/take-aways from this Workout Challenge too!


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