Happy National Coffee Day!

If there is free coffee I WILL FIND IT.
And now I will share it with you all!

Happy National Coffee Day!
Here’s where you can get the goods:EXCITED!!

Caribou Coffee
Customers can get FREE SAMPLES of their newly released Amy’s Blend coffee on Monday, September 29. Plus, ten percent of Amy’s Blend purchases through October 31 will be donated to the CancerCares organization.

Dunkin’ Donuts
Guests can walk into any participating Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant across the country and receive a FREE medium cup of Dunkin’ Donuts hot Dark Roast Coffee, with a limit of one per guest. Also, starting September 30 through October 5, customers can purchase a medium cup of Dunkin’ Donuts hot Dark Roast Coffee for the special price of 99-cents.You're Cute

Eight O’ Clock Coffee
Visit Eight O’Clock Coffee’s Facebook page to participate in a Coffee With Friends Scratch & Win game. Enter every hour for a chance to instantly win a coffee & Friends themed prize pack and be entered to win the grand prize – a trip to the Warner Bros. studios in L.A.!

Kangaroo Express
At any Kangaroo Express location, get a hot, fresh cup of Bean Street Coffee for just ONE-CENT between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. One per guest, while supplies last.Productivity

Krispy Kreme
You can get a FREE 12oz cup of Krispy Kreme® House, Decaf or Dark Roast coffee, or treat yourself to a 12oz Mocha, Latte or iced coffee for $1 at participating Krispy Kreme locations.

Guests can get a FREE small McCafé coffee during breakfast hours at participating McDonald’s restaurants.

Addicted?Peet’s Coffee & Tea
Buy 1 bag of Peet’s Coffee and you’ll get your second bag FREE.

Sign up here for an emailed Wawa coupon for a FREE 16oz hot coffee.Multiple Cups

And I hope you do get multiple cups of FREE COFFEE today! I mean, after all, this is a celebration, right?! Don’t forget to cash in on these awesome freebies! Enjoy your day and stay caffeinated!


East End Market

Call me Captain Jack because I just found treasure.
That line was disgustingly cheesy, I know, but you need to understand how incredible this place is.East End Market

Rejoice! Calling all foodies, yoga moms, and business men on lunch! Plus, everyone in between. East End Market, located in Audubon Park District in Orlando, Florida, is absolutely a hidden gem.

The Market showcases some of Central Florida’s top food entrepreneurs, tradespeople, artists, and chefs. The two-story structure is home to a dozen merchants, a large event space, a demonstration kitchen, an incubator kitchen, offices, retail shops, a full-time, award-winning caterer and a world-class restaurant.

East End Market is not only a hub for local food and culture, but also a community space fostering creativity and collaboration.

Inside the MarketThe entire property was stunning. There seems to be something for everyone: coffee, sushi, smoothies + juices, a bookstore, craft beers, local farm produce, bakery items, floral + plant gifts, and MORE. Seriously, something for everyone!

Of course, I had a few of my own favorites that I would LOVE to share with you all.


SkyebirdSkyebird 2This place was my favorite (with a close runner up). Skyebird captured my attention immediately– the colorful display of produce and teas, the mouth-watering menu, and the fresh atmosphere. I simply had to give it a try. After checking out the menu, and getting a few recommendations, I went with the Skye’s Favorite Smoothie. Skyebird's FavoriteNot only do you get the opportunity to pull up a chair and watch the magic happen, but the beautiful part about the “magic” is that they actually are slicing and dicing the fruits and veggies in front of you! How many smoothie/juice places have you seen that just pull out a container of pre-sliced produce that makes you wonder how long it was sitting there? Now that is fresh. I would also love to add that the adorable glass jar it comes on is your to-go cup! If you bring it back for a refill, you get $0.50-off your drink!All Things DeliciousThe staff was amazingly friendly and happy to help with decision-making, which I often need help with. My smoothie tasted wonderful and from some of the “regulars” I talked to agreed that the menu items were always fresh and delicious. I highly recommend swinging by Skyebird when visiting the East End Market.


LineageIf there is good coffee, it will be found. I am a coffee fanatic and as soon as I walked into the market, Lineage was the first place I stopped. Lineage serves all kinds of coffee in various styles: French press, cold brew, pour over, and Chemex. Fresh BrewTheir incredible roasted coffees take on an art form when being brewed. The aroma lures you in as your walk by and begs of you to stay. When you stick around you’ll meet wonderful staff and down amazing brew. Relax and enjoy the experience. ahhhhh. 🙂

 Porch Therapy

Outside PorchSucculentsWhen first arriving to the market, I was greeted by the loveliest of plants and flowers sprinkled throughout the patio area. I noted the signage that indicated Porch Therapy was responsible for the beautiful display and that customers were welcome to pick any plant of their choosing and bring it inside for checkout. The abundant array of plants and flowers were such a colorful greeting into the market and Porch Therapy’s interior was no different. I had a wonderful conversation with the owner, chatting about her business, along with the ins and outs of the market. This place makes my “Top 3 of East End” with ease.Indoor Porch Therapy

East End Market was an experience. I love when places capture all your senses and allow you to enjoy the present moment! This is a place where community gathers, feasts, and learns. Speaking of learning, East End also has fun events and cooking classes for the public, if you’re interested! I highly recommend you check out East End if you’re local. If not, whenever you happen by Orlando and are sick of the theme parks, a stroll over to East End Market will not disappoint!East End Outdoor 2

I hope you find a local gem of your own! And if you have a favorite in Orlando (or anywhere really) leave a comment!

Cheers! 🙂

Whole30 at McDONALDS

Usually, I would recommend keeping McDonalds at bay, but if you find yourself in the situation where everyone in the car wants McDonalds and you lack your bag of snacks, then this post is for you.

I’ll tell you right now: There aren’t many options, but there is somethingAnd we will take something!

Side SaladFood:
[or as I like to call it: The Short List]
– Apple Slices
– Side Salad
– Beef Patty (McDonalds has taken out their fillers, hurray!)

– Minute Maid Apple Juice
– Minute Maid Orange Juice
– Dasani Water (surprise, surprise)
– Unsweetened Iced Tea
– McCafe Hot Coffee, black
– McCafe Iced Coffee, black

Coffee BreakTricky Foods:
[these foods may look like Whole30 or Paleo; but they’re hiding something…]
– Eggs & Egg Whites; contain liquid margarine
– Grilled Chicken; contains sugar & rice starch
Applewood & Canadian Bacon; contains sugar
Sausage; contains sugar, corn syrup & dextrose…geez!
– Pickles; contains food dyes

Stay strong on your Whole30 journey!
See? You can even tackle a McDonalds with ease!

Are You a Baller on a Budget?

If so, my only words for you are “ditto“.

Well, not my only words for you… but I do know how you feel. I also know that healthy eating can be quite the pretty penny, so you may want some tips on how to stick to your clean eats without cleaning out your wallet. I’m currently following the Whole30 program (for the second time, let’s do it) and I have been trying to make it without hashing out all my earnings. Here are some of my first-hand experiences with saving money and eating well!veggies like whoa

1. Prioritize: Local! Organic! Grass-Fed! All these crazy (but important) labels on your food can bump up the price. When thinking about your grocery budget, prioritizing where to spend your money can help. For example, you may have heard of the Clean Fifteen and the Dirty Dozen, it is recommended that you go organic with those dirty dozen. From personal experience, I make my main focus my quality of meat: Grass-fed beef, Wild-caught fish & Organic Chicken, then get my fruits and veggies from a local produce market.Meat Market

2. Shop Around: You may feel silly at first, but it is so worth the effort. I have a “note” on my phone categorized by grocery store. I list which items I buy most often such as Larabars, Coconut Oil/Flour, Almond Milk, etc under each grocery store. I also add the price it costs at that store. After some detective work, I have managed to find the cheapest prices for those items. This has been tremendously helpful when picking a grocery store. I just check what’s on my grocery list and head to the store with the cheapest prices!

             Really Noted    Noted

3. Couponing/Store Loyalty/Apps: I know this is one of those “well duh” things, but you’d be surprised how many savings you can compile by taking some time to come to the store prepared. JUST DO IT. A friend I used to work with would say, “Anyone can buy something at full price, only the skilled can walk in and get it 80% off“. I agree! Check coupons! Store ads! Apps!It's SUPERR

For example: At Target, I check the ad before I shop, but also the Cartwheel app, which allows you to CHOOSE up to 11 savings on the items of your choice. On top of that, Target offers a 10-cent discount for every reusable bag you bring in. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! Target also offers Mobile Coupons you can add to your Passbook. Do you hear the little cha-ching going off in your head?! That’s a whole lot of savings if you just look around for it! Same thing goes for other stores too.

Hello, my little money-saving friends.
Hello, my little money-saving friends.

4. Scratch It: Making things from scratch when you can will give you more bang for your buck, as the saying goes. Do you really need your $4.15 latte from Starbucks? Even though it is delicious, trust me, I’m aware… The answer is more than likely no. Make it at home. Do you really need to spend $8 on a burrito bowl from Chipotle? Again, no. I understand when you’re super busy and have no time, but as much as you can help planning ahead and making things at home, do it. It will pay off.

And there you have it! There’s more where that came from too! Maybe I’ll do a “Part 2” in the near future. For now, enjoy these tips and don’t just read them: DO THEM! It will help out bunches and you’ll be less sad when looking at your bank account. Plus, you’ll feel awesome due to eating like a champ.

Whole30 Update: I haven’t shared much on this yet, but I am participating in the Whole30 program. I have attempted this before, but didn’t finish. Now, I am back on the horse and going to COMPLETE it! I felt incredible after the first 15 days, I can only imagine what 30 will feel like. I’ll be posting more about it soon!

Thanks for following The Thrive Life!

Have you tried Whole30? What was your experience like?

Whole30 at STARBUCKS

Sorry in advanced, but you won’t find any frappuccinos or pastries on this list.

"Frappuccino" must be code for "A Milkshake You Can Drink in the Morning"
“Frappuccino” must be code for: “A Milkshake You Can Drink in the Morning”. Talk about a sugar rush.

But if you’re a big fan of the morning mud (or other Starbucks items) then step right up and ask your barista for one of these items:

– Black Coffee (hot or iced)
– Unsweetened Teas (hot or iced)
– Caffe Americano
– Apple Juice
(cold or steamed)
Evolution Fresh Juices:
Apple Berry
*Carrot Orange Mango
*Coconut Water & Greens
*Essential Greens
*Essential Vegetable
*Avocado Greens
*Carrot Apple
*Sweet Burn
*Sweet Greens
*Pineapple Coconut Water
*Smooth Greens

Black CoffeeFood:
– Seasonal Harvest Fruit Blend
– Protein Bistro Box (but only the fruit and eggs)

Starbucks Fruit Bowl

Extra Tips:

1) You can use a reusable cup and get 10-cents off your drink order.
2) If you add the Starbucks mobile app, you will get all kinds of rewards like free birthday drinks & free in-store refills!
3) Currently, the treat receipt is happening until August 17th! Get any grande drink for only $2 after 2pm.
4) When I know I’m headed to Starbucks, I bring a little jar of coconut milk to add to my coffee.

NOTE: Remember, if you’re participating in the Whole30 program, only 1-2 8oz cups of coffee is allowed and it must be before 12pm.