BIG NEWS! I officially am the owner of a spiralizer, thanks to my wonderful mother and her willingness to part with hers. SCORE!

Before I move forward I would love to answer that question you’re pondering: Yes, “spiralizer” is a word and no, it is not a special weapon made up in some action-comicbook series. Seriously, Google it. I’ll wait…

See? Good, now back to the spiralizer and all its glory. Ain’t she a beaut?SpiralizedPasta used to be one of my favorite meals. Though, I’m not talking about your average spaghetti and red sauce here… #basic. I’m talking about the what seemed to be endless combinations of delicious sauces, proteins, and vegetables all intertwined with ribbons of wheat & gluten-filled goodness. Mmmm. I was always coming up with new creations when making pasta; plus, it was an easy meal for a college kid to throw together and make a “one-pot wonder meal”.

Now that the pasta days have basically come to an end, I have been hankering to get my hands on one of these spiralizers to make ribbons of veggie pastas. ZOODLES FOR ALL!Ooodles of ZoodlesMy original thought was to dazzle you with a ton of Paleo-friendly spiralized pasta recipes, but then I realized one awesome lady, by the name of Ali, over at has an entire BLOG dedicated to all things spiralized. Seriously, look at how mouth-watering some of these photos are:IMG_4282-copy IMG_4477-copy Turnip Noodles

I mean… TURNIP NOODLES? I don’t know that I would have ever thought of that. Dang, she’s good. But wait, there’s more! We need not limit ourselves with pasta over here, friends. I have started to experiment in the chip-department with my regular Sweet Potato Chip recipe, but with using the spiralizer rather than the mandolin. Which, for me, is safer since I my fingers constantly seem to gravitate towards the blade when using a mandolin. Safety, for the win!Spiralized Sweet Potato ChipsSpiralized Sweet Potato ChipsAll this being said, I am super excited to add this gadget to my kitchen and I can’t wait for more recipe-creating opportunities it will bring! Maybe it will inspire you as well to test one of these out!

Do you own a spiralizer? If so, what is your favorite thing to “spiralize”? If not, then what is your favorite go-to kitchen gadget? 🙂


Elementary Energy

At work they announced a STEP CHALLENGE. 
So naturally my first thought was, I need to crush all these people!! I mean…. uh, I’m glad we’re all challenging ourselves to get healthy together! 😉Pedometer

We have two weeks to get as many steps as possible and we all need to keep track of them on these pedometers. My crazy competitive side is now causing me to obsessively check it after every 28 minutes just be sure I didn’t get a defective one. If I lose, clearly it will be the pedometer’s fault.

I’m still holding strong after the Whole30. I am still quite amazed how my habits have completely changed. While the smell of boxed brownies were filling the kitchen, I was noshing on Garlic Roasted Spaghetti Squash with a garlic basil tomato sauce that I threw together. Topped with some roasted tomatoes + Aidells Artichoke & Garlic sausagesfresh basil. Now that’s a delicious Paleo (and Whole30 compliant) pasta! Am I right, or am I right?Paleo PastaI had the pleasure of babysitting two very active elementary schoolers this evening. They are so energetic and it encourages me to jump right in. What’s great about this situation is that you can basically trick persuade them to exercise with you by pitching it as a gameHey guys come here, I have this really fun game!

Tonight we did “animal races” (bear crawl, crab walk, and ape walk), then set up an “obstacle course” (box jumps) and had a “hold-it competition” (planks, wall sits, bridges). If you have kids, or are hanging out with some, you can still get that workout in and have them tag along!JUMP!And I will have you know that I won all most of the races!
Okay, so maybe I was beat by an 8-year-old… but I totally let him win! 😛

Garlic Roasted Spaghetti Squash

Why would you even bother with pasta anymore? <— although this sentence could be crazy talk. While switching my life over to a Paleo diet, I really thought I would crave pasta. (yes, first-world problems, I know.)
Until I found spaghetti squash.

My method is simple and can be used as a base for whichever way you want to take your pasta-like creation!Golden Spaghetti Squash

Garlic Roasted Spaghetti Squash
– 1 large spaghetti squash
– 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, divided
– 2 large garlic cloves, minced
– sea salt, black pepper & dried rosemary

1. Preheat oven to 450-degrees.
2. Slice squash in half; lengthwise.
3. Place halves on baking sheet (I prefer face-up so it browns the inside) and drizzle 1/2 tbsp over each half.
4. Divide minced garlic and sprinkle over each half.
5. Season with salt, pepper, and rosemary to taste.
6. Roast in over for 25-30 minutes (depending on the size of your squash).
7. Once cooled, shred the inside of the squash using a fork. Serve.

Roasted Veggies & SquashPaleo-Style Serving Suggestions:
– Add roasted vegetables & fresh basil for a veggie-packed meal
– Toss with homemade pesto sauce & sautéed shrimp
– Make it old school with tomato sauce & homemade meatballs
– Eat it at breakfast and top with hard-boiled eggs & bacon

What other ways do you enjoy your spaghetti squash?